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 Finally in stock!

 Cold Steel
 62RM 4-MAX

 - CPM-20CV Steel
 - 10" Overall
 - Made in USA
 - Andrew Demko Design

 $499.99 CAD

       Blades Canada/
   Warriors & Wonders
   15 Year Anniversary

 690 Products offered on special from now through the end of Christmas Season.
 * Products may be added or  removed without notice.
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 A few cool and unusual additions
 just in time for the season!

 We'll be adding a few more items in the
 next day or two...

           New arrivals from:
        Kershaw Knives

 - 1620BRHP Scallion Highpoint Firearms
 - 1660C27 Leek Beadblast
 - 1670TBDZ Blur Tanto BDZ-1
 - 1670TTS Blur Tanto Tiger Stripe
 - 1008 Sea Hunter Diver's Knife
 - 1008BLP Sea Hunter Diver's Blunt Tip

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 New additions:

 Nitecore TIP LED
 360 Lumens Keylight!

 $49.99 CAD

 New addition to Blades Canada

  Boston Leather
 US made leather belts and accessories
(62 Products)

 New addition to Blades Canada

 Casio G Shock Watches
 (25 Models)
 Starting at $109.99

William Henry Cabernet F8-9
Fountain Pen MSRP: $1000. U.S.
Until Oct 15th: $735. CAD

William Henry Merlot RB6-BBD Pen
MSRP: $1000. U.S.
Until Oct 15th: $735. CAD

New arrivals from SureFire Flashlights
The P3XIB 1000 Lumens Fury & The 1500
Lumens FirePack Smartphone Illuminator

Back in stock: SureFire
Titan & Titan Plus

CRKT Special: FE9 Jim Hammond
O1 Tool Steel, 14" O/A. MSRP: $375.00 U.S.
Until Oct 15: $275. CAD

Boker Special: 01BO043 Griploc
MSRP: $123.95 U.S.
Until Oct 15: $87.99 CAD

 Boker Color Cut 5 Pack!
 Green or Orange -  
 6" Santoku - 8" Chef's Knife
 Bread Knife - Utility Knife
 Paring Knife
 * Each with it's own guard
 MSRP: $87.75 U.S.
 If purchased individually: $84.95 CAD
 Now: $54.99

New arrivals from Cold Steel: Gold Lion Damascus Katana - Steven Seagal Signature Damascus Katana & Wakizashi - Mizutori Wakizashi and the 20AZ Bird & Game

Back in stock: CRKT 3515 KHC
Karen Hood Copper - Made in USA
15" Chopper $349.99 CAD

Back in stock: CRKT 2745 Birler Axe
Optional leather sheath & spare handle
now available

4 new arrivals from Spyderco/Byrd
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Now in stock: Spyderco C41CF40TH
Damasteel, Carbon Fiber Handle
Sprint Run $495. CAD

Back in stock: Benchmade 940-2
Osborne S30V w/Black G-10

Spyderco C81GP2 - 5 Variations
including the 2016 C81GPDBL2 with
CPM-S110V steel

Now in Stock:
Spyderco C123CFPCL
Sage 5 - S30V, Carbon Fiber
Compression Lock   $184.99 CAD

Now in stock:
Spyderco C10ZFPGR Endura 4 Zome    
$94.99 CAD
 Lamson Kitchen Knives
 50% off 
  on all 86 models in stock
 Quality made in the U.S.
  Kitchen Knives
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 Kitchen Knives

 45% off 
  Quality made Kitchen Knives
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29 New arrivals from Boker Knives (Sep 16th) - Click images to view/order

 14 New arrivals from
 Szanto Watches

 Including 12 new models with Japanese Automatic Movements

Back in stock: Spyderco C36GPDBL
Blue Military - S110V 
$239.99 CAD

7 New additions: Extrema Ratio
- C.N.1 Dagger - HF1D DP Folder
 - HFD2D DP Folder - Mato Grosso
 - T4000S Tactical Tanto- Task C
 - Primo Corso. Click image to view/order


In stock. Spyderco C134CFP2
Gayle Bradley M4, Carbon Fiber
Blades Canada Price: $189.99 CAD

Now in stock.
Spyderco C11ZFPGR Delica 4 Zome

 10 different Cold Steel
 Thrower Triple Sets

 -Templar Hurlbat - Jack Dagger
 - La Fontaine - Sure Balance Sport
 - Perfect Balance Sport - True Flight
 - Pro Balance Sport - Mini Flight Sport
 - Sure Flight Sport - Pro Flight Sport



Turner EDC Spinning Tops! CNC Machined
locally in the Lower Mainland, BC, Canada. Stainless Steel, also available with inlaid sapphire or ruby.

$45 to $85 CAD

356 Master Cutlery products on Clearance Special - Elk Ridge, - Master Cutlery
 - Mtech, - Tac Force
 $5.75 & up
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Mil-Spec Monkey patches now available!
Click below to see all patches and accessories

Kershaw & Emerson Collaborations
10 Models available
Affordable Folders

Tin Signs
of vintage ads
123 different signs now available
$13.99 CDN

550 Paracord,
Nano Cord,
Firecord, Battlecord
& more!
Over 130 Colors available!
From $10.95 CDN


New Products For October

Featured Products

Kershaw 6014TBLK CQC-3K w/Emerson Wave Opening
Kershaw 6014TBLK CQC-3K w/Emerson Wave Opening

Retail: $69.96 CDN
Price $44.99 CDN

Cold Steel 38CK SRK w/Secure-Ex Sheath
Cold Steel 38CK SRK w/Secure-Ex Sheath

Retail: $178.22 CDN
Price $99.99 CDN

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