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Over 10,000 Knives.  (New Arrivals)
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Over 7000 Folding Knives...Over 2500 Fixed Blade Knives

Latest Arrivals
Civivi, WE Knife, QSP...

50 new items added May 15th.

CMB Knives

CIVIVI Knives (Now 370 products)

Kizer Knives
(300 products)

CJRB Cutlery
82 Products

Kansept Knives
(200 Kansept products)

SOG Knives
(84 products)

Fisher Space Pens
(Now 195 products)

Spyderco Knives 
(Now over 500 models)

TOPS Knives:
Now 262 models


Benchmade Knives - 480 Benchmade products

( 400 WE Knife products)

Bestech Knives
(380 Bestech products)

Kubey Knives
(Now 180 Kubey products)




Demko AD 20.5 Shark-Lock

CRKT Knives (Now 340 products)

QSP Knives
(Now 94 QSP products)

Artisan Knives
(440 Products)

United Cutlery Group
(250 products)

Fox Knives
400 Models & Variations

Hinderer Knives

Boker Knives
Now 700 Boker products


Benchmade Customized Knives
(Now 325 models and variations)

Lion Steel Knives
(Now over 240 products)

All Pens. 1,000 Pens & Accessories.

Extrema Ratio
Over 145 products

PMP Knives
Now available at Blades Canada

Kershaw Knives
Now over 330 Products

Ka-Bar Knives
(Over 175 products)

MKM Maniago of Italy
Now 97 products

Latest arrivals from:
Chris Reeve Knives
Now 110 products


Hoback Knives
(32 Products)

Medford Knives
(Now 116 products)

Swiss Army Victorinox
(Now 267 products)

Zero Tolerance


Bradford Knives
110 products

Spartan Blades
The Harsey Folder & Dagger (Now 90 products)

(Now 37 products)

Hogue Knives
(75 Products)

Ruike Knives
Now 58 products


Leatherman Tools  
Now over 110 products

Sharpeners, Oil, Polish and Maintenance Tools

55 different Throwing Knives & Axes

Grohmann Knives

Axes & Tomahawk
Over 200 Products

Ferrum Forge Knives

Condor Knives & Tools
(Now 144 products)

Steel Will Knives
120 Models & Variations

Bastion Knives
(57 Products)

Reate Knives
Now 48 products

Ruike Knives
Now 58 products

Bark River Knives
60 products

Beyond EDC Folding Knives

Real Steel Knives
Now 153 products



All Backpacks & Accessories. 1200 Products

Over 400 Flashlights
from many brands

Spyderco Para Military 2 & Para 3.
16 Variations

Eberlestock Packs & Accessories. 280 Products

300 Shaving Products

5.11 Tactical products on Clearance


Case Knives
Over 100 U.S. made models

Blackjack Knives
U.S. made, classic designs

Santa Fe Stoneworks
(45 Products)

Over 180 Zippo Lighters

G. Sakai Knives

Clothing & Apparel