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Cold Steel Bird & Trout w/ Secure-Ex Sheath 20BTJ

MSRP: $39.63 CDN

Price $29.99 CDN

It's everything it claims to be. Small, light, dangles off a finger nicely so you don't run the risk of loosing it by putting it down and it's actually surprisingly sturdy. For such a thin knife one would expect it to bend easy. However it does not.
Could use some jibbing for better control when you choke up on the blade. A small gut hook would really make this the perfect lightweight small hunting knife.

Has what feels like a bead blasted finish of the blade, after handling it my fingers look a bit gray. (just slightly, maybe it's the light?) Wash it once before actual use just in case. (you should wash all food prep knives before use though)

Sheath is nice. Holds the knife snug and has two very small drain holes, one on each side at the tip.
Ditch the black bathtub chain it comes with and put on something stronger if you plan on dangling it from your neck or what have you.
Might be a little expensive for the amount of steel you get (especially AUS 6A)
But if you need something light to dress small game with (not just Birds and fish) then this will do about as good of a job as anything else, and you won't even notice the weight.
Date Added: 10/23/2012 by Andrew (British Columbia)