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Mr. Natty Emergency Beard Flair Kit

$56.99 CDN

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There are gift packs a plenty out there fellas. We’ve seen them all, there’s even one shaped like a Christmas cracker. Not really our style, or yours either. We make things simple here at Natty HQ. To this end we’ve taken a cardboard tube and made it look like an Emergency Flare. Emergency Flares are far more manly than crackers, especially if you’re ever in maritime peril (or in the away end at Napoli). So we figured you’d prefer to have one of these, to feel a bit special. Plus, if someone buys it for you it’s easy to wrap. They should just do it like a cracker.
This is the Face Forest Fellas Emergency Flair Kit. It’s right mouthful, too many Fs, but we’ve printed them all now – so deal with it. Your mighty face forest needs nurturing so we’ve packed both our legendary beard elixirs into this pack: no need to make any tough decisions. We like a good ol’ rub of the Famous for its woody scent, it reminds us of chopping logs. Bring Me Sunshine freshens you up with zesty citrus and a jolt of black pepper. We’ve snuck in a Save Ya Own Skin moisturiser too. It’s 100% natural (just like the elixirs) and packed with shea butter to revitalise and hydrate your face. A spot of it on the beard doesn’t go amiss either. It’s a tube of beard love.


-Famous Beard Elixir
-Bring Me Sunshine Beard Elixir
-Save Ya Own Skin Moisturizer

Made in England


  • Model: MN19019
  • Manufactured by: Mr Natty

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 03 August, 2017.